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The Internet greatness and falsities

The Greatness of the Internet and it’s Falsities

By Ramin Mesgarlou

Founder/CEO of Global Wealth Trade Corporation.

The Internet today is a way of life. It is rated the second most important invention of all time, next to the telephone. It is a tool that has changed, for the better, many aspects of our lives and in particularly business. However, much like any of the other great inventions of the past, the Internet is also being abused by some predators either for profit, to pass time, for pleasure or simply for influence. By far the most negative aspect of the Internet is slander and defamatory comments against companies and individuals. You cannot get away from it, just Google any company you want with the word “scam” or “complaint” next to it and what you will get are 50 pages of negativity that pop up. I.e. General Motor’s scam/complaint, TELUS scam/complaint, Rogers’s scam/complaint, franchising scam/complaint, home business scam/complaint, police scam/complaint, government scam/complaint etc. Direct sales is no different, you can Google any company including multi-billion dollar, more than 40 year old successful international companies like AMWAY, NUSKIN, HERBALIFE, MARY KAY, AVON etc with scam/complaint next to it and you will find hundreds of pages of negativity with much of it being inaccurate information.

About Global Wealth Trade Corp (GWT CORP)

Whether by design or by negligence a hand full of folks on a few small forums are trying to mix our prestigious company name with some well-known problem companies of the past. I am hopeful that this mix up is a simple case of mistaken identity by a few uninformed individuals.

I trust that the information below will clear up the misinformation that is being displayed by a few small forums listed herein. Below you will find my official response that I wrote to the organizers of those forums but unfortunately they chose against publishing it. The fact that they refused to publish my response suggests that the forum organizers are not interested to correct the misinformation displayed on those forums and shows their malicious intent to mislead the readers.

The below response was sent to the forums on Fact Net, City data & JREF.


Ramin Mesgarlou


Global Wealth Trade Corp

To the forum organizer and the readers;

After reading the comments and opinions on this forum I find it is necessary to write to you with my official response to layout the facts regarding Global Wealth Trade Corp (GWT CORP), Oliver Koncz and myself. I’d like to make corrections to the misconceptions shared on the aforementioned forums and clear up the apparent confusion between our progressively growing prestigious company GWT Corp and other non-related companies such as TTI (Treasure Traders International & BIM (Business In Motion) that are now closed. It is important that everyone remain responsible when talking about another individual or company on the Internet. Also the reader must always consider the source of the information they are reading and their qualification and credibility on the topic before accepting any views offered by those individuals.

There are some very key principles to follow when researching online.

a) Always consider the SOURCE of the information posted on the Internet; if the information is not coming from GWT members then it must automatically be dismissed. How can anyone intelligently and accurately offer an opinion about another person or entity if they personally have never had any dealings with that person or company?

b) Be ACCURATE, On the above forums a hand full of individuals are offering their generic negative opinions about the direct sales industry as a whole and somehow including the Global Wealth Trade Corporation name within the context of their notes. What is disturbing in those small forums is that 99% of the information shared is NOT about Global Wealth Trade Corp at all. After carefully reading the content of the discussions herein, it is absolutely clear that there is a definite confusion between TTI/BIM and GWT Corp.

Below are some clear examples of the confusion of the few participants that share their uninformed opinions on those forums.  It is unfortunate that a prestigious designer company/manufacturer like ours with over 100 years of manufacturing heritage is mixed up with questionable companies like TTI & BIM who operated a board game scheme. All said I trust that the information below will provide the facts about GWT Corp to the reader to be able to clearly distinguish the facts from the wanton fiction online conversations.

Correction 1:

I personally have never held a corporate position with TTI or BIM at any time as alleged by one of those uninformed participants.

Correction 2:

BIM/ TTI is owned by Alan Kippax and those companies have absolutely no relations or connections to GWT Corp. TTI (Treasure Traders International) started in 2004, closed its doors in 2006, started again under the name BIM (Business In Motion) in 2006, closed its doors again in 2008.

Global Wealth Trade Corporation opened its doors in April 2005 so the notion that some how “the same people that closed TTI/BIM started GWT is absurd and inaccurate. Alan Kippax never had any relations /affiliations at any time with GWT Corp from its inception in 2005 or after.

Correction 3:

TTI sold gems, BIM later sold the same gems as well as vacations packages. Both BIM and TTI were founded and owned by Alan Kippax.

Correction 4-:

GWT Corp DOES NOT sells vacations and gems. GWT Corp is a world-class designer and manufacturer competing with designers such as Chanel, Gucci, Cartier, Fendi, LV and other industry benchmark designers as such. GWT Corp designer lines are;

-       The exclusive and patent pending 21 K Gold prestigious FERI MOSH jewellery collection

-       The 19 K Gold signature bridal series

-       The FERI fine Silver, Tungsten and Plangsten® jewellery, Timepieces and other designer goods such as handbags and wallets.

Correction 5:

GWT Corp does NOT offer $1300 packages as stated in those forums, BIM and TTI did. Again a clear indication of the confusion of those discussions.

GWT Corp distributorships are $306, $821, $1491, $3036.

Correction 6:

- Oliver Koncz was NOT an owner or a director of TTI. He was an employee with TTI and did not make decisions that would have influenced the company’s directions. He was the only executive that RESIGNED from TTI and went to the authorities when he realized that TTI had taken the wrong turn.

- Oliver Koncz is NOT an owner or director of Global Wealth Trade Corp nor did he start GWT Corp. He joined my executive team in 2007 – TWO years after I had launched GWT Corp. I hired Oliver Koncz because of his 10-year senior executive experience that he gained working for 40 year old – two billion dollar direct sales companies in Asia. Oliver is a good man, father of four and a hard worker.

Correction 7:

GWT Corp is entering its fifth year of operation. The business started in my home office in early 2005; we have had five office expansions in as many years. Although GWT Corp is a proud new Canadian corporation; our fine jewellery-manufacturing heritage dates back to the 1880’s. Our facilities around the world supply jewellery wholesalers who sell to jewellery stores in three continents.

GWT Corp is a 5-year-old designer fashion house that only distributes its designer lines via the Internet through independent members. GWT Corp has a Variable Business Plan, which means that there are FOUR ways to distribute our designer goods.

They are;

- Home parties – retail sales from home

- Trade shows – retail sales from shows

- Internet marketing – retail sales online

- Building a team of sellers through Direct sales (MLM) – Residual income through our own exclusive Variable ® Binary system. Binary compensation systems are one of the only four business models that are recognized by Industry Canada as a legitimate and sustainable business model.

GWT Corp is not a traditional MLM company; MLM is one of our FOUR methods of distribution.

TTI/BIM operated with a board game compensation system that is not recognized by Industry Canada as a legitimate business model because of its lack of sustainability. Both those companies closed doors within two years.

I am hoping that the facts above clarify the confusion that is apparent with the few individuals on the aforementioned forums. Frankly I am puzzled that those individuals have by design or negligence totally ignored who GWT Corp really is which is a prestigious Canadian fashion house competing against the world’s best designers. It is evident by the malicious tone of their notes that they are against the over 60 year old direct sales industry as a whole and all of the 2000 + companies in 144 countries that operate in it and not just GWT Corp.

The bottom line:

It is irresponsible and illegal to bash a company or individuals based on uninformed opinion. NONE of the participants in those forums have ever been a member of GWT or know anything about the company or its executives. They are simply utilizing GWT Corp as a vehicle to express their general negative views regarding the direct sales industry. This is unfair to 5000 + proud GWT members, tens of thousands of GWT clients and the entire GWT corporate team who work 14 hours/day towards a vision that Canada will one day take over Switzerland and Italy as the bench mark of the designer world.

Robert Kiyosaki says that “the most expensive advice is FREE advice” and this is definitely true for the opportunity seekers who are conducting online research.

In closing if you are part of the minority that are still unsure about the validity of the direct sales business model then you need to click on the links below and watch the short video from President Bill Clinton endorsing direct sales as the liberator of the US economy. Perhaps its time for you to put aside the old misconceptions about this amazing home business model and update yourself with all the impressive facts sarounding this amazing industry. Of course like anything else when something is so good, bad people also get a hold of it so you need to be cautious and make sure to conduct your OWN due-diligence/research from CREDIBLE and ACCURATE sources to insure that the company you are looking at is legitimate.

In addition to the links below I have also included section 55 of the Competition Bureau, which is Canada’s government body that regulates all direct sales companies. Section 55 clearly explains the role of a legitimate direct sales (MLM) company. If you are an opportunity seeker, use section 55 as a guideline to choose the right direct sales company. As you can see, the Global Wealth Trade Corp direct sales division falls exactly within the Canadian government guidelines.

I hope this information is helpful, regardless of which opportunity you are looking at.


Ramin Mesgarlou


Global Wealth Trade Corp

Click below to listen to President Bill Clinton regarding the direct sales/MLM industry;


Section 55, Competition Bureau;

What Is the Competition Act?

The Competition Act is a federal law governing most business conduct in Canada. It contains both criminal and civil provisions aimed at preventing anti-competitive practices in the marketplace.

Multi-level Marketing Plans and Schemes of Pyramid Selling

The Competition Act explains the differences between multi-level marketing plans and schemes of pyramid selling, and sets out the responsibilities for operators and participants in these types of plans. Multi-level marketing, when it operates within the limits set by the Competition Act, is a legal business activity, while a scheme of pyramid selling is illegal as defined by the law.

What Is Multi-level Marketing?

Multi-level marketing is a plan for the distribution of products whereby participants earn money by supplying products to other participants in the same plan. They, in turn, make their money by supplying the same products to other participants.

GWT members can only get paid when GWT products are sold to other members.

I.e. Titanium package $1491 ($750 – $741)

$741 business kit, website, back office, training systems, right to distribute GWT designer lines, Taxes. NO commissions are paid out on this portion of package.

$750 is the product portion of this package. This portion is commissionable as set out by industry Canada.

What Is a Scheme of Pyramid Selling?

A scheme of pyramid selling is a multi-level marketing plan that incorporates any one of a number of specified marketing practices that make it a criminal offence under the Competition Act.

It is illegal if:

  • Participants pay money for the right to receive compensation for recruiting new participants;

GWT does NOT pay commissions for recruitment; commissions are paid out only on product (SAC) sales.

  • A participant is required to buy a specific quantity of products, other than at cost price for the purpose of advertising, before the participant is allowed to join the plan or advance within the plan;

GWT members can start with a “Retailer” package ($306) that does not include any products at all and still be able to advance to the top income level in the GWT compensation plan.


  • Participants are knowingly sold commercially unreasonable quantities of the product or products (this practice is called inventory loading);

There is no product purchase requirement in the GWT business model. The top packages do include reasonable products for resale and personal use.  GWT policies and procedures include a very extensive return and cancellation policy.

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